Running Tips for Breathing

Running tips for breathing as a beginner

Running tips for breathingBreathing is something that you and your body learn with time. Each time you run you will get a little bit better and make it easier to breathe.Running tips for breathing as a beginner. My wife had that problem in the beginning and on one run she got an important phone call while we were running and she was able to have her conversation like she was just walking. I said after that she was doing great as she couldn’t even talk to me when she ran in the beginning and now she can without even thinking of it. She got a lot of running tips from people she knows and that really helps when starting out.

Running Tips for Breathing

Did you know that when you go through a military boot camp they have you sign chants while running? Yes they do and this helps with being able to run and breathe better. It not only teaches you how to breathe while running but increases your lung capacity.

One other problem I had while running was my throat would get dry. I always bring along a small water bottle. I find that just a sip every now and then makes that problem go away.

My wife would have a little of the same problem and she now chews gum and that helps as she also had coifing in addition to the dry throat. That fixed the issue and also helps control the breathing.

Another tip would be to keep your shoulders straight and you head up high. Don’t slump and look at the ground. Look at the horizon and straight ahead. This excellent form makes it so you get the most air in and out of your body.

If you start your run to fast you will get winded fast and it will take time to recover. I suggest starting a little slower and increase speed as you can. I find the first half mile is the adjustment period for me. If I run to fast in the beginning I find that I will slow down to balance my breathing. So I might as well start at a good pace from the very beginning.

One technique is to breathe deeply or belly breathing and that is where you take in air and your belly expands. Most people only use the top part of their lungs. When you belly breathe you will fill your lungs and this pushes down on your diaphragm and inflates you lungs a lot more. It’s called Breathing from your diaphragm and gives you that much more air.

Tips for Breathing while Running in the Cold

If it’s cold outside and it makes it hard to breath then you may try breathing through your nose. This will warms the air a little as it goes in. If that doesn’t work you may want to consult your doctor.

You should always consult your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to run like you intend to.

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